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Welcome to my site. I am a landscape painter, portrait and graffiti artist. By trade, I am a graphic designer and illustrator, and took up Shelly
                        Baypainting for its own sake in 2002. I had found my work was becoming more specialised in publication design, at the expense of the more enjoyable illustration work.

MarkerAlthough as a painter I only had myself to please, I soon discovered that others liked my work. Since hanging my first few works at a local cafe, I have found a ready audience.

I like the deep autumn shadows on the Orongorongos, the variegated evening sky over the Wellington Heads, and the modest and incidental structures you find in the environment - sheds, signal boxes, and harbour lane markers. After a recent visit to Melbourne I have rekindled an interest in spray applied art and portraiture.

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NEW STUFF - big portraits: